Building a unified design system.


Prior to 2017 the TELUS online ecosystem was made up of many disparate websites, resulting is an inconsistent online presence. Turtle partnered with Apply Digital to work on the UX Design of the TELUS Design System and Telus ‘About’ and ‘Brand’ websites. The challenge was to deliver a set of components flexible enough to meet our project needs but also align with the overarching design system standards.


We created a robust set of fully responsive components for the Telus Design System that covered elements such as charts and graphs, search, chat, articles, labels, and media content.

Since the Telus 'About' site covers so much content, we wanted to create a more engaging way for users to find the content relevant to them. The solution was a guided search for the homepage hero area that can quickly surface relevant content to any user visiting the site. 

Once we had completed the components design we leveraged them for the UX design of 10 responsive page templates to cover all of the needs of the Telus ‘About' and ‘Brand’ sites.

The Results

The TELUS design system we contributed to has brought many efficiencies to the companies overall ecosystem. The ‘About’ and ‘Brand’ sites UX is much improved with a friendly new approach to engaging with TELUS users of all types.


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