The first decentralized smart contract security platform.

‍The Objective

Based on blockchain technology, Quantstamp is the first decentralized smart contract security platform. Leading up to their ICO, they came to us looking for a strong visual identity that would be both memorable and legible at small sizes.

The Solution

After some rigorous exploration, we ended up combining the symbol for generic currency (¤) and the letter 'q'. The mark, and the subsequent identity, feels "tech-y" but also conveys credibility with a subtle nod to the past.

The Results

The resulting identity laid a solid foundation for the Quanstamp brand while meeting the key objectives. The style has been used to inform Quantstamp's marketing material has they make their mark in the crytocurrency space. The Turtle team continued as Quanstamp's design partner throughout their successful ICO and eventual acceptance into Y Combinator.

Thanks Turtle, the best group of guys in branding and in life.

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